Just a Great Weekend!

What does a diet matter when you have a day of great weather, great friends and great fun! 

10298469_1437763393155362_3561337078579238284_o 10403821_1437763433155358_3559377439583922735_o 10517655_1437763489822019_6210239620741653855_o 10530559_1437763363155365_3522765020742282547_o10397019_1437763579822010_1790069739861946613_o 1622509_1437763733155328_5647763561348232848_o 10477545_1437763783155323_6546299911904376674_o 10295370_1437763889821979_1250992382085661794_o 10517442_1437763903155311_4768425325820687088_o10489930_1437763953155306_8023476262694763428_n

 But that diet does include that Low-Carb Strawberry Pie pictured above 🙂 Recipe Coming Up in the next post…

Although Maximus was not with us – I couldn’t resist posting his picture 😉

10468199_10152102093621783_9108010602166868903_nKeto Joy!

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